Our approach

  • We are first and foremost a fiduciary to our clients. No products. No conflicts. No problems. 
  • We value privacy. Aneuvia will never share client information beyond legal requirements.
  • We value security. Our client's assets are held at world-class custodian banks.
  • We value peace of mind. Moving money in or out of accounts is our client's sole responsibility. Aneuvia holds a limited power of attorney to manage investments.
  • We value transparency. Aneuvia offers separately managed accounts (SMAs), allowing clients to see all portfolio holdings and transactions in real time.

When desired, our integrated approach to asset management takes into consideration the context of a client's entire financial picture, which helps us to create an investment structure aligned to their unique short-term needs and long-term goals. Approach your finances with confidence, click here to access Aneuvia's wealth management system.

The Aneuvia difference

Why does Aneuvia stand out? Our proprietary Return on Diversity (ROD) framework and Aneuvia's Engagement Process (AEP) are poised to deliver greater workplace diversity and investment performance for companies. We place equal focus on education and knowledge transfer - ensuring that our clients thoroughly understand the value of impact investing.

Return on Diversity (ROD) framework

Return on Diversity is Aneuvia’s proprietary framework used to evaluate diversity and corporate transparency and estimate future returns. Many corporate D&I programs simply fail to deliver tangible business results and stock performance. Many times, this is due to misalignment between KPIs and performance.

The Aneuvia Return on Diversity framework addresses these issues by providing actionable insights to C-suite and Board members on how to raise diversity across the board for better business outcomes.

Using our proprietary ROD framework, we score companies on two variables: gender diversity and transparency. Based on this score, a targeted subset of companies are selected to comprise our high-conviction portfolio.

ROD Simple Framework

Corporate Transparency

Transparency as rated by leading providers of ESG and corporate governance ratings (i.e. Sustainalytics and Bloomberg); scored best to worst using the numbers 4, 3, 2 and 1, respectively.

Gender Diversity

Gender Diversity at the board and management level; scored best to worst using the letters D, C, B and A, respectively.

Aneuvia's Engagement Process (AEP)

Aneuvia's Engagement Process provides actionable insights to address ESG opportunities with our portfolio companies. We start by engaging the CEOs of portfolio companies with written correspondence detailing their ROD score along with a set of tangible goals across: Board gender diversity, management gender diversity and corporate transparency.

Our engagement then continues to personalized engagement with extended members of the executive team. We offer tailored guidance on internal diversity and inclusion goals and a plan of action to create tangible value for stakeholders and shareholders. This research builds the case for why investors reward companies that leverage best practices, such as increasing workplace diversity and corporate transparency. This affords our investors a differentiated source of investment performance.


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