Advisory services

Many corporate D&I programs fail to deliver tangible business results and stock performance. Many times, this is due to a misalignment between KPIs and performance. Our data-driven process provides corporate C-Suites with strategic insights and deployment roadmaps that steadily increase a company's intrinsic value.

Aneuvia's data driven approach

ROD Framework with Value Creation_on Brand

The Return on Diversity (ROD) framework is our unique foundation for business intelligence and streamlines the way corporate diversity and inclusion programs and transparency initiatives are concepted, implemented, executed and rewarded.

Our ROD framework places corporations into one of sixteen performance cohorts. As diversity and corporate transparency increase, we see an organic increase in average annual returns, social equity and institutional equity ownership, while return volatility decreases. This is how integrity meets impact.

Planning strategies

We continuously monitor and review the progress toward accomplishing your goals, making adjustments as needed given the ever-changing investment landscape. Our planning strategies clearly translate corporate metrics for gender diversity and social transparency into business performance. We also deliver business intelligence for historical and competitive analysis to help you employ mindful strategies that increase returns. This holistic advice allows you to align D&I with business value and capture opportunities to increase stakeholder value.


We create custom roadmaps that define the implementation activities necessary to meet your D&I targets and asset management objectives. Our roadmap is holistic from preliminary planning and program analysis to implementation, optimization and reporting. Our roadmap development helps you and your executive team optimize cost, risk and performance across the lifecycle.

Activist letters

We produce compelling activist shareholder letters, which are sent to companies to catalyze changes that maximize shareholder value. We author activist letters on a quarterly basis, which have brought positive results and return to several companies. Our activist letters have robust analysis and data based on our ROD framework that not only outlines changes, but also presents a plan of action to support claims.

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