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Why impact investments continue to rise despite COVID-19
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Crisis reveals character. It often teaches us more about ourselves than we may realize during times of norm. As we face the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19, we see the true underlying motivations of individuals, nations and businesses. One particular rising motivation during this time of crisis offers a silver living: purpose meeting profit. 

The rise of impact investments

According to Edelman’s latest Trust Barometer, the most comprehensive study of trust in the world, consumers expect brands to take personal accountability and action for COVID-19 recovery.

  • 90% of consumers want companies and brands to do everything they can to protect the well-being and financial security of their employees and suppliers, even if it means suffering big financial losses during the pandemic. 
  • The penalty for companies that put profit ahead of people is severe, with 71% of people saying that this will erode their trust in a business forever.   

Where the government has left gaps, consumers and activist investors expect companies to fill. Impact investing is the notion that profit and purpose don’t need to be at odds. Instead, it refers to an investment strategy that not only generates financial returns but also creates a positive impact. The cornerstones of impact investing is lending to social or environmental causes, and underserved communities -- whether geographic or socioeconomic.

These investors who care about creating a positive impact are showing their financial support to companies directly addressing the coronavirus pandemic to ensure they have the funds to keep going. Here are some examples of recent commitments announced:

  • BlackRock commits $50M to help meet immediate needs of those most affected
  • IFC increased its COVID-19 related financing availability to $8B
  • The Rockefeller Foundation commits $20M in assistance to support vulnerable communities

Navigating a new (ab)normal

COVID-19 is presenting the world with unprecedented challenges in modern times. We believe impact investing will continue to be a priority as the world’s markets begin to recover from the impact.    

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