Corporate diversity is no longer merely "feel good"

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The case for diversity

Diverse and inclusive cultures are providing companies with a competitive edge over their peers. Investors are no longer just seeking profit - but also purpose. Diverse organizations not only outperform when it comes to business results, but also excel when it comes to innovation and employee engagement. In fact, the Wall Street Journal reports that the most diverse companies (12% margin) outperform the least diverse firms (8% margin) when it comes to share price and operating results.

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Who we are

Janelle Metzger
Co-Founder and CEO
Jared Metzger
Co-Founder and CIO

Aneuvia is the first activist asset management firm dedicated to helping companies catalyze diversity and inclusion for better business outcomes. Through our proprietary Return on Diversity (ROD) framework and Activist Engagement Process (AEP), we take pride in helping clients build a vibrant and innovative workforce, advocate for greater corporate transparency and deliver real business ROI.

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Impact investing on the rise

The global impact investment market is worth more than half a trillion dollars. When it comes to business; sustainability, equality and a clean environmental record are essential facets of financial performance. And, savvy investors are embracing these determinants so identifying smart ESG strategies and risks has never been more critical.

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Diverse teams drive better results

Why Aneuvia is a corporate partner of choice

Aneuvia’s proprietary Return on Diversity (ROD) framework and Activist Engagement Process (AEP) are poised to deliver greater workplace diversity and investment performance for companies. We look forward to working portfolio companies who wish to formulate constructive D&I strategies to achieve tangible and measurable outcomes.

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